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Dating But with posts

2020.07.28 12:10 Authentic-Redditor r/Findadating Lounge

A place for members of Findadating to chat with each other
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2019.07.17 15:06 repweeklybot 17/07 1:1 Day in Review

I'm a new bot to make the 1:1 week in review. This post made automatically at 6pm EDT
I'm currently in testing, running automatically, daily. For questions, contact me here, or at laoshitposter
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2019.05.03 21:21 flannohainifin Pesky Alternate DataStreams

As a part of my incident response toolkit, I wrote this to find alternate data streams and show the contents.
 Function findads{ gci -Path "$ADSPATH" -Recurse -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue Get-Item -Stream * -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue Group-Object -Property FileName Where-Object -FilterScript { $_.Count -gt 1 } Select-Object -ExpandProperty Group } $filename = findads Select-Object FileName Select-Object -Unique $ads = findads Select-Object PSPath Convert-Path function adsreport{ foreach ($stream in $ads) { $filename gc $stream } } $report = adsreport $report 
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2019.02.08 08:15 postgramapp A rose is a true expression of love. But now-a-days, expressing the love has to be unique. Answer a simple question below using #FindADate and the best entries would stand a chance to go on a date this #ValentinesDay! #RoseDay

A rose is a true expression of love. But now-a-days, expressing the love has to be unique. Answer a simple question below using #FindADate and the best entries would stand a chance to go on a date this #ValentinesDay! #RoseDay submitted by postgramapp to u/postgramapp [link] [comments]

2019.01.21 07:09 Marioricardo98 A little bit curious about tai lopez background.

Tai lopez has been around for ages (never paid enough attention to him). Can't find any proper information about his background. Im really curious recently read this: it may seem like your tipical shitpost blog but something comes out of it. He seems to had a bussiness " Elite Global Dating, LLC " can't find info about it. He ran couple sites like the tipical dating scam sites like: (???)
exploring a bit found this: which is quite interesting does anyone has any info about Elite Global Dating, LLC? Seems like he is trying to bury his past.
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2018.08.01 06:06 justagirlfromjersey hello good day to you

super excited my site was just approved for
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2018.07.30 17:02 justagirlfromjersey Still adding :)

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2016.05.19 04:46 _36Chambers Pop top campers?

Looking to buy a car. I want a camper, looked into vanagons, but today discovered some variants of landcruisers that are way cooler, and offer the same benefits.
like this
There offered all over in australia but for the love of god cant find any info about the manufacturer of any pop tops for landcruisers in the US or canada.
Any help would be awesome!
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2015.09.06 21:47 billconner Tai Lopez...

Here we go with the "Online Marketing Dating Mentoring Author Program" bs only that attracts the gullible.
Google his name plus "fraud" you'll get info about how he scams with his dating site (at the same time he says he
was actually sleeping on his mother's couch). He's also managed many websites all linked to his IP address, and
all of them were cashing on people who couldn't unsubscribe once they had started paying a recurring fee (very
common issue). Here's most of the sites he owns...
More fun...
Creating fake identities to run interference on negative reviews and comments are second nature to guys like this.
This has been proven over and over on reddit. This is what most "online dating" sites do from the start. Another
technique applies "social psychology herd behavior" to attract suckers into believing over 100,000 "other
suckers" are spending $67 each and every month for "mentoring advice". It's very likely 80% of these
"subscribers" are fake.
Wake up FOOLS. It's so astonishing humans can be so dense giving psychopaths their hard earned money.
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